Ahne Eisen was the firstborn of the fifth House Eisen, and the daughter of Anzahl Eisen and Mulier Wasserste. She had one younger brother, Vorfahr Eisen. Her parents union was highly controversial, and represented a reconciliation between Stahl and Wasser contentions over the recent death of heir-to-be Kenner Stahldritten.

Ahne was betrothed Drehen and Faden, up until Faden's death. As revenge for Faden's murder (which went largely unpunished by Great Mage Knechten Stahldritten), she and Drehen murdered Schone Stahldritten, the Great Mage's younger sister and the person responsible for Faden's death. Both she and Drehen were sentenced to Rechtlos. The act spurred the creation of the Stahldritten-Eisen Law, which later claimed the lives of Ahne's niece Heute and nephew Haube, as well as her descendant Ahnen (who had been named in her honour).

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