Ahnen Eisen was the firstborn of the twelfth House Eisen, and the eldest son of Anbeten Eisen. He was named for his ancestor, Ahne Eisen. He had two younger brothers, Verraten and Vernebeln, and one younger sister, Annahmen.

Ahnen was a Legion Commander of the Stahl Army until his discharge and death. He was held responsible for the death of Kuhl Stahldritten under the Stahldritten-Eisen Law, notwithstanding Kuhl's death by natural causes. The verdict, upheld by Great Mage Konig Stahldritten, was highly controversial at the time, and many claimed that the law did not apply, given Ahnen's lack of influence in Kuhl's natural death. Konig ultimately disagreed, employing a black-letter view of the law, which stated that should the youngest Stahldritten die before the eldest Eisen, the Eisen would be executed. The law failed to elaborate on the cause of death, and Ahnen was executed at the age of 26.

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