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Aufstand is an insurgent reform group of former slaves freed by Kuren Rotehre. They petitioned Great Mage of the Erde Realm Svetya Erdefunfte for abolishment of slave trade practices in the Erde Realm, and motivated a slave revolution across the Six Realms. When Svetya Erdefunfte proved reluctant to heed their demands, they kidnapped her younger brother Jugend Erdefunfte in an effect to force her hand.


Erde Realm

Aufstand's messages of rebellion quickly spread through the densely populated Erde Realm, and sparked a series of attacks upon prestigious slave merchants. A coordinated attack was led against the marketplace in Sklavestadt, considered the largest slave trading town in the Six Realms. A group of slave insurgents set many stalls ablaze, and freed several captured slaves.

Stahl Realm


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