Six Realms Wikia

The Covenant was formed when the Six Realms were established, and solidified the harmonious agreement of the Mothers & Fathers, overseen by the All-Being, Æthera Zauberin. Accordingly, a code of laws were implemented to fairly govern the six Realms, each led by a Great Mage who oversaw legal and political relations, and a Mother who oversaw all religious and diplomatic affairs..

Covenant & Laws of the Six Realms[]

  1. Members of the three highborn families will be prevented from marrying each other, where such a union would form an enclosed triumvirate that excludes all other families and their respective realms, and leaves them susceptible to majority war.
  2. The Ether Realm may not take command of any realm's home army, except where:
    1. The Six Realms is declared to be in a state of emergency, wherein:
      1. In a state of exclusive emergency (see: civil warfare, force majeure), the Ether army may annex a home army of any realm that consents to the annexation.
      2. In a state of national emergency (see: external threats, external warfare), the Ether army may annex the home army of any and all realms regardless of consent.
    2. There is no seat of authority (i.e. Great Mage, heir, or next-of-kin disposed). The Ether Realm may then call for temporary dispersing of the home army of that realm.