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Daniya is the wife of Svetya Erdefunfte, and Great Lady of the Erde Realm. She is the adoptive mother of her wife's niece. She is a talented mage with the ability of neutralisation; she can nullify any person's magery by touch.

Appearance & Character[]

Daniya is described as having long blonde hair. She dresses in traditional Erde hunting fashion, and is known to wear dirt in her boots to enhance her magery.


Daniya is a talented mage with the ability of neutralisation. When touching another mage, she can reduce or nullify their magery, rendering it inoperable. Her magery gives her the additional ability to recognise magery in others, be it basic, talented or fonting. This allowed her to recognise that Korol Stahldritten possessed a talent - a fact which no others had been aware of up until that point.


Daniya is married to Svetya Erdefunfte, a highborn lady who later is appointed as Great Mage of the Erde Realm. Daniya attains the title of Great Lady of the Erde Realm.


  • 'Daniya' is derived from the Islamic name 'Daanya', meaning 'beautiful'.