The Ether Realm is one of the states of the Six Realms. It is located at the centre, surrounding by all of the realms. The realm was established by the All-Being of Life & Death, Æthera Zauberin.

Leadership Edit

The Zauberin family is the ruling highborn house of the Ether Realm, based in the Ether Palace. All members of the Zauberin family are titled Emperor or Empress, but the ruling member of the family is titled High Emperor or High Empress.

The first High Empress of the Six Realms was Aura Zauberin, and the realm has since had thirteen rulers and two unrelated rulers. It's current High Empress is Asche Zauberin, who reclaimed the throne after she was murdered by Empress Heike Stahldritten and resurrected under High Empress Adelheid Regenmeer's rule.

The Ether Realm had a standing army of 3,500 soldiers, many of whom were killed during Heike Stahldritten's invasion of the Ether Citadel. It has since been annexed, and it's barracks now host the soldiers of the United Forces.

Locations Edit

  • Æthera's Monolith is a megalithic stone constructed of obsidian, and is believed to be the last place the the all-being Æthera stood before her ascension. It is a highly sacred place of worship for the clergy of the High Temple and the Bestehend.
  • Ether Citadel is the only city of the Ether Realm.
  • Ether Palace is the residence of the Zauber royal family, built at the centre of the Ether Citadel.
  • Wasser Gate is a passageway into the Wasser Realm.
  • Luft Gate is a passageway into the Luft Realm.
  • Stahl Gate is a passageway into the Stahl Realm
  • Feuer Gate is a passageway into the Feuer Realm
  • Erde Gate is a passageway into the Erde Realm
  • High Temple is the central temple of the Six Realms.
  • Sanctum of the Mothers & the Fathers is a room within the High Temple, which features statues in the likenesses of the Mothers and the Fathers.
  • Zauber Family Crypts are a collection of underground tombs in the bowels of the High Temple, beneath the Ether Palace.
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