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The Feuer Realm is one of the states of the Six Realms. It is located between the Stahl Realm and the Erde Realm. The realm was established by the Feuer Father and the Mother of Love & Hatred.


The Feuervierte family is the ruling highborn house of the Feuer Realm, based at the Feuervierte Mansion. It is assisted by the lowborn Blesse and Rotehre families.

The first Great Mage of the Feuer Realm was Dityan Feuervierte, and the realm has since had sixteen rulers. It's current Great Mage is Aurel Feuervierte, and its Great Lady is Brunhilda.

Unlike the other realms, the Feuer Realm has no state army; rather, it allows the amassing of private armies. The Feuervierte army had units of 150 soldiers, led by Commander Coiriuil Sklavesman. During the liberation of the Six Realms, the Feuervierte army enlisted members of other merchants' private armies to total a force of 1,000 soldiers, led by Commander Maschesk Rotehre. Many of these soldiers joined as members of the United Forces following the conflict, although some remained on as private soldiers.

Laws & Rights

The Feuervierte Laws apply to all within the Feuer Realm. They are as follows:

  1. A person is considered to have reached majority at twenty-one (21) years of age.
  2. A person is considered to have reached legitimacy upon marriage. Legitimacy is invalid in instances where:
    1. The person is merely betrothed
    2. The person is merely engaged
    3. The person is divorced
    4. The marriage is abandoned
  3. 'Marriage' is defined as the wedded union between two persons to the exclusion of all others, in full knowledge and consent.
  4. Private protection is the discretion of the Feuer businessman. No military service is required from the Feuervierte estate. Upon this understanding;
    1. Security is the responsibility of the citizen.
    2. No tax may be charged for holding arms.


  • Blesse Mansion is one of two residences owned by the Blesse Family. It is located on the cliffs overlooking Dammern Beach, and is primarily used as a summer estate.
  • Dammern Beach is the shoreline that forms the southern border of the Feuer Realm and the Six Realms, overlooking Niemands Bay.
  • Ehre Rock is a historical site and the battleground of the First Crusade. It was made famous by Tishina Rotehre’s fiery assault on the Devonian Army that brought a swift end to the conflict.
  • Feuervierte Mansion is the residence of the Feuervierte Family.
  • Niemands Bay is the broad inlet that forms the shoreline of the Feuer Realm.
  • Rotehre Mansion is the residence of the Rotehre Family, originally built on a mineral quarry.
  • Tauchenbuhr is a harbour port on the east coast of the Feuer Realm, notorious for its steep taxes and docking fees.