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The First Crusade was the first attempted invasion of the Six Realms following its foundation. The major battle took place at Ehre Rock in the Feuer Realm, after Devonian skirmishes broke through the Schwarzdorf Passage and overran Erde Realm borders. Nearly 2,000 Devonian warriors were slain or captured.

The Feuervierte and Rotehre families were called upon to defend the Feuer Realm, as holders of the largest private armies in the region. Led by Nadine Rotehre, the Rotehre army was largely successful in holding off the Devonian invasion into the Feuer territory. Her sister Tishina Rotehre, who was a skilled fire fonter, was responsible for eradicating 450 combatants, mostly Devonian and some native Feuerborn. Her attack resulted in the Devonian surrender.

Following the subjugation of the Devonian skirmish teams, the Erde Realm took possession of the prisoners of war. In trade agreements with the Stahl Realm, the Erde Realm successfully repurposed the prisoners as labourers; the roots of these practices later became the foundation for the slave trade.

The battleground was renamed Ehre Rock after the Rotehre family, for their aid in subduing the invading forces.