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Highguard were soldiers of the Ether Army, tasked with protecting the Six Realms and led by the ruling High Empress of the Zauberin family. The army has since been annexed into the United Forces.


The Ether Army was led by High Commander Dienst Befehl during Heike Stahldritten's invasion of the Ether Citadel. After the invasion, sixteen Highguard were retained as prisoners of war under Korol Stahldritten, including Tragen, although only six survived the torment that followed.

Many Highguard remained loyal to the Zauberin family after High Empress Asche Zauberin's death, and expressed discomfort at Heike Stahldritten's self-appointment as Empress. Several Highguard (including Hase, Kanin and Rabe) who escaped during the invasion later formed a a vigilante team who sought to assassinate Heike with magery, aided by sisters Valka and Cressa (whose mother Skilda had been a former Highguard before her death), and several other mages (including Esel, Ente and Hirsch). They were aided by some former Highguard (including Tragen's brother Trennen) who remained in the Ether Palace following their surrender during the invasion.

After High Commander Dienst Befehl's execution and her abdication, High Commander Froh Bezaubernd was appointed to oversee the leadership of the Ether Army.