Lache Flusswelle is the thirdborn of the fourteenth House Flusswelle, and the son of Aal Treiben Flusswelle. He has two older brothers (Becken and Behende) and one twin brother (Laufend).

Appearance & Character[edit | edit source]


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Magery[edit | edit source]

Lache is a talented mage, with the ability to amplify magery in others. This talent favoured him with Verraten Eisen, and led to his kidnapping at the hands of the Bestehend on the behalf of the Iron Faithful. His magery was utilised against his will to amplify Verraten's own ability to resurrect his brother Ahnen Eisen, who had been killed some thirty years prior. Lache was forced to consume copious quantities of a poison known as Æthera's Gift to amplify his magery, and it is predicted that as a result of this, he will only live another 7 years.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 'Lache' is a German word meaning 'puddle' and 'laugh'.
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