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The Rotehre Family is a lowborn House of the Feuer Realm, pledged to serve the Feuervierte family.

Family Tree

Kuren Rotehre
Arzt Rotehre
Maschesk Rotehre


First Crusade: Ehre's Rock

During the First Crusade in 102, when a small army of Devonian soldiers breached the Schwarzdorf Passage and raided nearby towns, Stahl forces responded by driving the invaders into the eastern marshlands of the Erde Realm. Many crossed the delta in an effort to lay siege to the Feuer Realm, where they were met with the meagre forces of the Rotehre Family and their private guard. The Rotehre Family drove them back to the Ehre Rock glade, where a bloody battle ensued, and many Devonians surrendered to the encroaching Stahl Army. They were captured under the orders of Kehren Stahldritten, and distributed as slaves.


  • 'Rot' is a German word meaning 'red'.
  • 'Ehre' is a German word meaning 'honour'.
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