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A streiter is a slave trained primarily for hand-on-hand combative fighting, usually for public entertainment. Whilst it is a practice explicitly forbidden by the laws of the Erde Realm, slave colonies amassed for the purpose of fighting spectacles are still operating on the black market, the largest of which is organised by Nahren Bedauern. They are distinct from fechter slaves, who utilise weapons in combat.

Fonting Streiters[]

Due to their rarity, fonting slaves are widely prized. Whilst some fonting abilities are used for daily servant duties, many fonting slaves are bought for the fighting pits, where spectators pay great sums to watch fonters battle - often to the death. An average fonting conflict last twenty minutes, as both competitors have limited stores of energy available to wield such strenuous magery.


  • 'Streiter' is a German word, meaning 'fighter'.