Svetya Erdefunfte

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Svetya Erdefunfte is the thirdborn of the sixteenth House Erdefunfte, and daughter of Elke Erdefunfte and Burre. She has two sisters (Petra and Greta), and two brothers (Kern and Jugend). She married Daniya, a talented mage, and adopted her niece after her sister's death.

Appearance & Character

Svetya is described as having piercing green eyes and white-blond hair. She has an animated tattoo of a tree across her back, that is known to change with the seasons.


Svetya is a talented mage, with the ability of stealth. She is able to convince others to disregard or 'gloss over' her, and is virtually unnoticeable by anyone affected by her talent. This does not, however, render her invisible.




Invitation to the High Council


Role as High Councilmember


Appointment as Great Mage

She was appointed as Great Mage of the Erde Realm after her mother and elder siblings' assassination.

Slave Revolution



  • 'Svetya' is a variation of the Russian name 'Sveta', which means 'luminescent'.
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