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Teilt Blesse, more famously known as the 'Blesse Bride' or the 'Bride of Two Brothers', was the firstborn of the third House Blesse. She was the daughter of Dirnen Blesse, and had one younger brother, Deinen Blesse.

Appearance & Character[]



Teilt is remembered as the 'Bride of Two Brothers' for her courtship of two Feuervierte brothers. Adored by both, much rumour revolved around whether Teilt would marry Kennen Feuervierte or Aunen Feuervierte. It was a highly publicised betrothal, as Teilt's choice would determine which brother would be eligible to become Great Mage of the Feuer Realm.

Teilt ultimately chose neither of the brothers, instead marrying a Schutzen tailor.


  • 'Teilt' is a German word meaning 'split' or 'divide'.