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The Bestehend are a militarised organisation of priests and priestesses, tasked with protecting the Zauberin family. They follow what they interpret as the will of Æthera and serve the descendants of the Zauberin line.


The Bestehend do not identify with a singular realm, or even the Realms. They are a group beyond the jurisdiction of both the High Council and the High Empress herself, and as such are exempt from all laws, including murder. Their organisation is located in the High Temple, and tend to congregate specifically near Æthera's monolith and the Zauberin family crypts.


Members of the Bestehend wear customary priestly robes that obscure any distinctions and are practical in design. They are known to wear gloves and to obscure daggers in their long sleeves, as well as wires and strings. All members of the Bestehend wear identical facial masks over a shroud that covers their hair, creating the illusion that they are all one person. They are known to only speak in exigent situations, and otherwise maintain a 'deathly silence'.


  • 'Bestehend' is a German word meaning 'prevailing'.