The Totersieg Family is a lowborn House of the Erde Realm, pledged to serve the Erdefunfte family.

Family Tree Edit

Sonnig Totersieg
Helfen Holz
Helfen Totersieg
Daumen Totersieg
Kasten Totersieg
Rufen Totersieg
Hoffen Totersieg
Kaste Totersieg
Mude Totersieg
Leiden Totersieg
Leumund Totersieg
Talamh Mathair
Macht Eisen
Emmerich Totersieg
Hansel Totersieg
Auge Sklavesman
Karsten Totersieg
Iolar Mathair
Heike Stahldritten
For the remainder of the family tree, see the Frischweise family.
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