The United Forces is the current standing army of the Six Realms, with 12,000 soldiers. Its barracks are located in the Ether Palace of the Ether Realm.

Members of the United Forces Edit

Adelheid Regenmeer First Commander
Finte Eisen First Lieutenant
Becken Flusswelle First Sergeant
Froh Bezaubernd Second Lieutenant
Kolben Eisen Second Commander
Bitva Stahldritten First Lieutenant
Cinealta Einwanderer First Sergeant
Croga Einwanderer Second Lieutenant
Fhod Einwanderer Fifth Sergeant
Fiacla Einwanderer Third Lieutenant
Macht Eisen Third Commander
Dia Einwanderer Second Lieutenant
Ceirtlin Einwanderer Third Lieutenant
Ceannaire Einwanderer Fourth Commander
Konnen Stahldritten First Lieutenant
Fiochmar Einwanderer First Sergeant
Aireach Einwanderer Second Sergeant
Andara Einwanderer Second Lieutenant
Amadan Einwanderer First Sergeant
Ciallmhar Einwanderer Third Lieutenant
Fonn Einwanderer First Sergeant

Consultants include Annahmen Eisen, former Lieutenant of the Stahl Army.

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