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The Wasser Realm is one of the states of the Six Realms. It is located between the Erde Realm and the Luft Realm. The realm was established by the Wasser Father and the Mother of Abundance & Famine.


The Wasserste family is the ruling highborn house of the Wasser Realm, based at the Wasserste Palace. It is assisted by the lowborn Regenmeer and Flusswelle families.

The first Great Mage of the Wasser Realm was Cynisca Wasserste, and the realm has since had fifteen rulers. It's current Great Mage is Tylion Wasserste, and its Great Lady is Greta Erdefunfte.

The Wasser Realm had a standing army of 4,500 soldiers before its annexation into the United Forces. It's last commander was Einmern Befreien.


The Wassereste Laws apply equally to all people of the Wasser Realm. They are as follows:

  1. Slave trading is a capital offence and will be punishable by life imprisonment or death.


In the Wasser Realm, an individual reaches majority at eighteen years of age. As with all realms, once majority age is reached, an individual is considered an adult under the laws of the Wasser Realm.


  • Flusswelle Estate is the residence of the Flusswelle Family, and houses a watermill, ryemill, and small sawmill on its grounds.
  • Himmelechse is the river that runs through the Wasser Realm.
  • Kreuzenstrom is the port where the Himmelechse and the Natterbach rivers intersect on the border of the Wasser Realm and Erde Realm.
  • Regenmeer Estate is the residence of the Regenmeer Family. It was formerly the largest distillery and barley plantation in the Six Realms, but fell into disrepair after Zechen Regenmeer’s passing.
  • Wasser Fortress is stronghold and the military base of the Wasser Army.
  • Wasserste Palace is the residence of the Wasserste Family.