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The Zahn Islands are a family of three islands located off the shore of the Feuer Realm in open water. The islands are colloquially called "the Teeth" by the pirates who harbour in the port at Schiffbrucke.

Einzahn is the most fertile of the three islands, boasting open fields fed from a natural underground freshwater reserve beneath the island's surface. It is the only island to sustain an oasis of freshwater springs, making it a haven for the majority of the population living outside the port. It is a popular homeground for farmers (usually retired sailors) of the region.

The largest island is Zweizahn, which offers a ragged collection of toothed boulders at its concave shore, shaped by years at the hands of fierce south-easterly winds. Ill-experienced or drunk sailors have been washed into the rocks and forfeited their life as a result. The mainland of Zweizahn is habitable but not agriculturally verdant, and as such it is largely used as a den for storing treasure.

Dreizahn forms the smallest of the Zahn Islands, and is the most uninhabitable of the three. An ancient tale told of a stubborn farmer determined to build the most abundant farm on Dreizahn, only to discover that the lifeless sand descends for miles to the centre of the earth. Only one tree is said to grow on the island, directly over the grave of the stubborn farmer.