The Zauberin Family, also called Zauber and Zauberer, is the ruling highborn House of the Ether Realm, and the Six Realms. It was founded by the All-Being of Life & Death, Æthera Zauberin, after her ascension from the corporeal realm. Their first High Empress was Aura Zauberin, the reincarnation and daughter of Æthera.

Family Tree Edit

Æthera Zauberin
Aura Zauberin
Audre Zauberin
Achten Zauberer
Auchwenn Zauberin
Ausser Zauberer
Silke Erdefunfte
Auren Zauberer
Auftreten Zauberer
Aubrienne Zauberin
Altarraum Zauberer
Austria Zauberin
Auche Zauberin
Autor Zauberer
Auberon Zauberer
Asche Zauberin

Trivia Edit

  • 'Zauberin' is a German word, meaning 'sorceress'.
  • Whilst it is common for female descendants to take the Zauberin surname, male descendants often take the Zauberer surname.
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